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What We Believe In
  • Focus drives success
    Focus your efforts on the two or three things that must be done to achieve superior performance (out-perform the competition).

    • One vision, one team
      The management team and key employees must have 100% commitment to the strategy and tactics behind the company's business plan, why they make sense, and are leading their employees accordingly.

      • Those who add the value should reap the rewards
        We believe in significant management and key employee stock ownership, targeting 20 - 40% of the company, through co-investments and performance-based stock options.

        • Hire the best talent
          For every key position, hire the very best person available, who is committed to the vision and shares the same values as the company.

          • Victory goes to the quick and the nimble
            In the past, big companies pushed around the little companies. Today, the quick and nimble outmaneuver the slow.

            • Invest in what you know
              Invest only where we are able to bring more than just money to the table. Our business value-add will create more equity value than will our capital.

              • Buy businesses with buyers, not from sellers
                Invest in transactions where the existing owners and/or management team are enthusiastic about the company's prospects and are willing to invest a material amount of their potential sale proceeds or net worth into the company.

                • Make money with your partners not from them
                  Ensure everyone's financial interests and incentives are fully aligned.

                  • Integrity, trust, and respect
                    These cultural values guide how we operate and how we interact with others at all times.

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