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Advantages to Owners (Why Choose Us)
  • Fair valuation
    We offer a fair price for the equity value owners have created in their business, allowing them to diversify their personal net worth and get out from underneath any personal guarantees.

  • Equity participation
    Typically, a meaningful amount of ownership is retained, enabling the owners to participate in the future growth of company.  Statistics show greater returns associated with equity retained in a business versus taken out of the business and invested elsewhere.

  • Transactions are structured to meet the unique needs of the owners and the company

  • Greater certainty of closing
    We have a demonstrated track record of closing and closing on our original terms.

  • Discrete, timely transaction
    All transactions are completed discretely, minimizing disruptions to management.

  • Our belief in employee ownership increases the certainty that legacy the owners have created will continue on and be further built upon.

  • Focused on growth, both organic and via acquisitions
    We are experienced at developing and executing strategies that strengthen and grow our acquired businesses.  This is good for our customers and employees.

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